Simulator for Craniomaxillo-Facial Surgery – Dissemination Activities

Marianne’s PhD topic deals with the development of a simulator for Craniomaxillo-Facial Surgery. For presenting her recent results to the community, she attended the annual meeting of the Austrian Society of Craniomaxillo-Facial Surgeons (ÖGMKG) and the PMU Science Get Together.

Austrian Society of Craniomaxillo-Facial Surgeons

Marianne participated in the Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Craniomaxillo-Facial Surgeons (ÖGMKG) held in Bad Hofgastein, Austria, from 25th until 29th of January 2016. She was invited to present  the development of a simulator to train the lift of parietal split grafts by the chairman of the ÖGMKG, Prim. DDr. Michael Malek. In her talk, she could present her actual research results of her PhD topic and was able to get in contact with experienced CMF surgeons. Next year´s annual meeting of the ÖGMKG will be held from 31st January until the 3rd of February in Bad Hofgastein. The main topic will be “How much technology does the CMF surgery needs?”

PMU Science Get Together

The “Paracelsus Science Get Together”, which was held at the Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg at 24th of June 2016 for the 7th time, is a open forum for researchers in the wide field of medicine and health.  Researchers from the PMU, Salzburg University, University of Applied Science Salzburg and other research institutions in the region had the opportunity to interact in an informal and collegial atmosphere to present their latest research results. Marianne participated and presented her poster “Parietal bone surrogates for graft lift training”.