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Scientific Members

Sorted chronological according to their contribution.

Andreas Schrempf

Founder and head of the research group. Andreas is a full professor for Biomechanics and Computer Modelling and Simulation at the Department of Medical Engineering. His research interests concern modelling and simulation in biomechanics and biomedical engineering as well as system identification and control theory. He received his master degree and PhD at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz in 1998 and 2004 respectively. After working as senior researcher at the Linz Competence Center in Mechatronics he moved to the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria in 2005.


Robert Merwa

merwaKey Researcher. Robert is a full professor for measurement instrumentation and control engineering as well as Applied Programming and Embedded Systems. His research interests concern real-time systems for data acquisition and different kind of communication technologies in medical engineering. He received his master degree and PhD at the Graz University of Technology in 2000 and 2004 respectively. After working as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Medical Engineering in Graz he moved to the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria in 2009.


Gerhard Halmerbauer

halmerbauer Key Researcher. Gerhard is currently a full professor for Health Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Steyr (UASUA). Previously, he worked as an MD at the University Children’s Hospital in Vienna and did research on the topics of Allergy and Pulmonology. After several years as a doctor and researcher in the field of Allergy and Pulmonology he took a position as a professor for Health Sciences, where he soon became Head of Studies (Process Management in Health Care). Currently his main research interest are clinical process management, especially the support of clinical core processes, as well as transparency improvements concerning patient outcome and costs within the health care system.


Benjamin Esterer

Benjamin Research Assistant and Life-Guard. Benjamin started working with our group during his Master Thesis, where he developed a wireless communication board for measuring and transmitting the pressure in a cement applicator. He finished the Master in Medical Engineering in 2015 and is starting his PhD. His research interests are hardware oriented programming, electronics and artificial anatomical structures.


Student Members

Former Members

  • Harald Fischer, Master Student and Research Assistant
  • Aragonda Sampath Kumar, Bachelor Student
  • Nagaraja Ullas, Bachelor Student
  • Markus Samrykit, Master Student
  • Michael Hess, Master Student
  • Phillipp Mayerhofer, Bachelor Student
  • Fabian Hauser, Bachelor Student
  • Johannes Razenböck, Bachelor Student
  • David Fürst, Post-Doc
  • Marianne Hollensteiner, Post-Doc
  • Stefan Gabauer, Research Assistant