Welcome to the Research Group for Surgical Simulators Linz (ReSSL), which is located at the Department of Medical Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. ReSSL focuses on the development of Hybrid Surgical Simulators.

Our Mission is to develop easily accessible, realistic and effective Surgical Simulators for health professionals, medical scientists and medical engineers. Our achievements will follow the motto »Try it – Feel it – Learn it«

Our Vision is to improve safety for patients and professionals by providing a highly sophisticated technological platform for education and training of surgical procedures as well as for the development and validation of new surgical techniques and instruments.

Feel free to explore and to contact us!

If there is a way to make it better … we`ll try to find it!

— Losely based on Thomas Edison.

In addition to our own research, our Department of Medical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is focused on research in

  • Biomechanics and Rehabilitation
  • Prosthetics
  • Microscopy